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Martin Dunn

Martin Dunn

CCO, Writer, Artist and Designer


Brie Tart

Editor, Writer, Developer



Dustin Holifer

Associate Editor, Writer



Javier Lugo

Artist and Creative Developer


Aly Dunn

Editor-In-Chief, Writer, Colorist


Jeramy Hobz

Artist and Developer


Dee Fish

Writer, Artist, Developer


Rob Torres

Artist, Colorist, Developer


Jeremy Calderon

Artist, Colorist, Developer


Aljosa Tomic

Colorist and Developer


Justin Birch

Letterer and Developer


Moises Fermin

Artist and Creative Developer




Colors+Letters+ Layouts+Storyboards+


Character Design

+Writing+ Graphic Design+vIDEO+

Packaging Design+ 


Book Covers + Logos + Content Development + Branding Strategies + cONcEPT aRT + Typography + Scripting + pOST lAUNCH sTRATEGIES + Content Development + Web Content + And a whole lot more!


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CAE Studios/Big Pond Comics is an entertainment and creative studio who specialize in the development of various media. Including Comic Books, Web Content, Design, Concepts, prose, television, film , radio, podcasts, and more!

The CAE/Big Pond "Bullpen" is an independent creative agency that is here to deliver the best content from some of the most talented and focused group of comic and design professionals in the industry. We are proud to take a highly collaborative approach to providing creative and quality products to our clients.


CAE Studios was founded in 2012 by Martin Dunn, Shawn Talley, Jamie Verge, and Javier Lugo. In 2014, CAE Studios merged with Dee Fish's Big Pond Comics an imprint known for producing a wide range of all-ages comics. 

The company has evolved into a creative driving force with a talented and driven board of editors and staff members consisting of other comic book creators, prose writers, and graphic designers. 


Currently, the studio produces and publishes several creator-owned projects. This includes but is not limited to, "Joshua Black", "The Wellkeeper", "Distorted Images", "#IFightGhosts", "Dandy & Co.", "Project: APEX", "Socket", "The Zombie Squad", "Old World 50", "Fetch: An Odyssey", and many more. All being released globally through various distributors. 

CAE Studios/Big Pond Comics also oversee a multimedia production company labeled, "CAE Media". Launched in 2013 by CAE Co-Founder Shawn Talley. The company produces a bevy of podcasts, web shows, video diaries, and animations. CAE Media currently consists of "#DeathToFanboys", "The Martin Dunn Show", "Puppet Wrestletrax Network", "Sidequests in the Breakroom", "Headshocked", and much more!


The credentials of CAE/BP's staff consist of the best companies in the world.